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Create a scroll-worthy feed with gorgeous stock photos

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Stop searching...

for the right image among millions on generic stock sites.

Pali Stock Photo is your one-stop-shop for gorgeous high-quality images. 

Welcome to Pali Stock Photo!

Do you wish to serve more people and want a brand that stands out?

It’s been proven over and over: the most successful brands in industry use high quality photos to grow their businesses … fast!

BUT … chances are: photography is probably not one of those skills in your zone-of-genius arsenal. (No worries - we all have our specialties!)

With everything else on your plate, you probably don’t have the time and energy to invest in becoming a rock star photographer right now, either. (Not to mention devoting all your creative energy to deciding what to post and how to capture it)

The good news is: You don’t have to!

Here at Palistock, we’ve curated thousands of stand-out, high-quality, food photos that you can purchase at a highly-affordable prices - and use in all of your social media, website, and other marketing collateral.  

We’ve done all the work behind-the-camera and now you can access incredible, high-quality, scroll-stopping images that will position you & your wellness brand to be received like the stars that you are. 

Your time is valuable!

Mainstream stock photo sites, like Shutterstock, have millions of uninteresting images to sort through. It is frustratingly time-consuming to find something authentic.

Here at Palistock, we make it quick and easy for you to find the stand-out, brand-elevating photos you need to attract your ideal customer.

Well-produced and aesthetically-pleasing imagery makes your brand stand-out and position you as an expert in your field!

I created Palistock to make gorgeous, mouth-watering, high-quality imagery available to those in the wellness industry so they can become brand super-stars.

Hi! I'm Oksana

I went from being a hobby photographer “on the side” to falling deeply in love with the art and then “accidentally” growing a thriving photography business.  

I started out as a portrait photographer and quickly began getting booked out 6 months in advance. After becoming “mom”, I took a little break from that business, but the love of the art didn’t go away.  I was at home cooking all the time & one day I decided to pull out my camera to start capturing some of the yummy food I was whipping up in the kitchen

For fun, I started sharing on Instagram - and that account quickly and organically grew from 0 to 70k followers. The secret? Stand-out photos!  

I am passionate about helping you create the brand of your dreams through beautifully styled stock photos to attract your ideal clients.

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